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What is a crossbow?



Modern crossbows are the current interpretation of a very old concept: some evidence shows  that tools similar to crossbows existed back in 5th century BC. History of crossbow is beyond the scope of this course, if you want to dig deeper into crossbow history please refer to this web page on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_crossbows .

Crossbows, originally developed as siege weapons, are today considered, in most countries, as sport tools (archery equipment). Crossbows are used for recreational shooting and hunting.

A crossbow is a very simple machine: basically a bow mounted onto a stock that stores energy as the string is pulled back. As the string reaches full draw a retention mechanism holds the string  enabling the operator to take aim of target, as a trigger is pulled the retention mechanism releases the string and the bow releases the energy stored propelling the arrow.

Modern crossbows, despite being similar in function and basic components to their ancient counterpart, make use of high technology materials and benefit from innovations derived from archery such as the compound technology.

Modern crossbow can be divided into two categories: recurve and compounds


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