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Neet Hunting Quiver LR-107









Package content

Arrow holders



Point holder cup


Arrows arrangement


Fletching clearance

On a recent business trip I had a few hours free, so I decided to spend them at the local BassPro Shop in Grapevine (Dallas,TX) . Among other things I noticed a Neet Quiver lined up on the shelves.

Since seeing it for the first time on a mail order catalog have been curious about it: although it was being advertised as a bow quiver it would be just fine with shorter crossbow arrows. So it did not take much to end up in the cart.



The quiver comes in a wrapped in a plastic bag that contains the quiver itself, a black Nylon belt (74 inches) and a black Nylon strap (35 1/2 inches) to fix the lower end of the quiver just above the knee. The belt sports a quick release buckle and the strap has an adjustable buckle.



The quiver is finished in HD Hardwood Green Cordura with a leather like back to reduce noise, generally quality of the product is very good with seam and stitching very well done. Belt and leg strap are made of black Nylon

Neet quiver also comes in Break-Up Cordura and Advantage Timber Cordura, for those who love the traditional look or simply do not like camo there is also the T-107-LR that comes in Burgundy Leather and Honey Brown Suede.

The product is made in USA.



The quiver is equipped with a swivel belt loop that can rotate freely or can be fixed in two positions thanks to an aluminum low profile screw and rivet like bolt the two fixed positions (about 45°) are just right have arrows pointing back and not interfere while walking. The angle proves to be just right while kneeling or taking a seated position


No tool is provided so you need your own screwdriver or keep a small coin handy.

The quiver also sports two plastic loops on the upper and lower end just in case you may want more flexibility in placement (on your back?) or to have the quiver hanging while on your treestand.

When it comes to quivers one of my priorities is how it holds arrows. The Neet LR-107 will not disappoint you.

Arrow are securely held in place with a top rubber holder that is thick and rigid enough to hold arrows firmly yet is soft enough not to "snap" when you take arrows out. Arrows are distanced about 1" , enough to clear large (5") fletching. The bottom arrow cup has a foam interior with pre drilled holes to accommodate broadheads. The pattern of the holes is placed in a way to reduce footprint an yet provide enough clearance with the largest broadheads.

Stitching, trim and seams appear to be done with attention to detail, design leaves nothing to be deserved, overall style is very functional.


In the field I really appreciated the fit of this quiver , arrows do not get in the way while you walk or climb and, when the action starts arrows are handy and do not snap.


Overall judgment

Excellent product!



Neet has also a Crossbow specific quiver catalog No. XY107 that is just a little shorter, although I sound this LR107 to be just fine with 20" arrows, as you can see from the pictures the arrow clear about 8" from the top holder. The shorter model may be needed when using short 16" arrows.

For more information or to find a dealer near you please see: www.neet.com

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