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TenPoint GtMag

By Mirko & Walter Valagussi  October2009


New TenPoint GtMag package

Beautiful classic recurve design

The GtMag compared to its sibling Defender CLS






TenPoint in recently introduced a classic line of recurve crossbows with two models named GtCurve and GtFlex, both rated at 180 pounds draw force for 300 FPS top speed. This year TenPoint decided to add another “performance” member to the recurve family: at the ATA Show they proudly unveiled the new GtMag.

Based on the SixPoint line frame, the GtMag, sports muscular 200 pound limbs that allows this compact crossbow to reach 307 to 335 feet per second (depending on arrow weight). The GtMag is available with either the AcuDraw or AcuDraw50 cocking mechanism.

Interestingly enough the GtMag is also offered in a special configuration named Dedender Mag Combo that includes the front riser and limb assembly of the TenPoint Defender CLS. Customers can easily swap between a recurve crossbow and a compound design. (Review of this package coming soon)




The GtMag is offered in a package only configuration that includes:

·         GtMag crossbow

·         7/8 inch fixed dovetail scope mount

·       Deluxe 4 arrow HX Quiver with instant detach lever lock accessory

·         Six TenPoint (Easton) aluminum arrows (2219)

·         TenPoint Wedgie retention spring silencer

·         TenPoint Staff Shooter field cap

·         Instructional DVD with bonus hunting footage

The crossbow comes fitted with either the patented, and field proven, ACU Draw or ACU Draw50 cocking mechanism. We tested the ACU Draw version that includes a detachable cocking T handle that comes housed in its own camo pouch.



Manufacturer's data:

TenPoint crossbow technologies

Model: GtMag

Draw weight 200 Lbs

Power Stroke 15.25"

Weight 7 pounds

 KIT version  U.S. $919 with ACU Draw and 3X ProView scope

(price as of today 12/10/2009 found on   http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/ )






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