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TenPoint Defender CLS



Testing the Defender CLS

Beautiful & compact






The defender CLS is a very nice looking crossbow, compact, powerful and fast. Ergonomically wise has some points more that its higher end bothers (pun intended).

It is built like a tank with lots of machined metal: definitely a quality product built to last that will make you proud of owning one.


While a little pricey, the Defender CLS with ACU Draw is just under 1.1K$, it is way less from the almost 2K$ Phantom CLS and has a more favorable price/performance ratio.


The Defender CLS is equipped  with remarkable features such as automatic safety and anti dry-fire mechanism as well as one of the best triggers in the industry.


Definitely a recommended product!




Manufacturer data:

TenPoint crossbow technologies

Defender CLS

Draw weight 175 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

 KIT version  U.S. $1099 with ACU Draw

(price as of today 06/07/2009 found on   www.basspro.com)





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