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TenPoint Defender CLS

By  Mirko Valagussi       June2009


New TenPoint Defender CLS

Crossbow packaging 


Some detail of the content







TenPoint Crossbow introduced the Defender CLS at the ATA Show last January as a mid range alternative to their high end, high performance Phantom CLS. The new Defender CLS shares the same intriguing one piece riser and foot stirrup design with its bigger brother but it is built onto TenPoint’s mid range platform named SixPoint. The Defender CLS is fast and compact: using a 13 inch power stroke at 175 pounds peak weight it shoots 420 grain arrows at over 330 FPS while measuring 20.5” (axe to axle). While not as fast and not as expensive as the top of the line it may just be the best offer in the compound lineup: let’s see why.







The Defender CLS is offered in a package only configuration that includes:

·         Defender CLS crossbow

·         7/8 inch fixed dovetail scope mount

·         Deluxe 4 arrow HX Quiver with instant detach lever lock accessory

·         Six TenPoint (Easton) aluminum arrows (2219)

·         TenPoint Wedgie retention spring silencer

·         TenPoint Staff Shooter field cap

·         Instructional DVD with bonus hunting footage

The crossbow comes fitted with either the patented ACU Draw or with the ACU Draw50 (also patented) cocking mechanism. We tested the ACU Draw version that includes a detachable cocking T handle housed in its own camo pouch.



Manufacturer data:

TenPoint crossbow technologies

Defender CLS

Draw weight 175 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

 KIT version  U.S. $1099 with ACU Draw

(price as of today 06/07/2009 found on   www.basspro.com)






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