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TRUGLO TG8350B4 Trajectory compensating dual color open red dot sight



Package content

Back view with speed selection lever

Very compact and amazingly light

Adjustment rheostat and weaver integral mount

Front side view


The TRUGLO unit in action


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Images of product on Excalibur Vixen are for pictorial purposes only, actual test performed on TenPoint Stealth X2, Barnett Predator and Excalibur Equinox with Flemish String


Another industry first from TRUGLO


Once again TRUGLO proves to be the most innovative crossbow optics manufacturer introducing a new open design red dot with trajectory compensation and dual color illumination.




The new red dot scope comes packaged in a blister clear plastic package that also contains the instruction manual, lens cover, Allen wrench, limited lifetime warranty card and a lens cleaning cloth.


The unit is ready to install right after you take it from its package, the CR 2032 battery is already installed, and all the locking screw are already in place in the integral weaver mount. You just need to slide it onto your crossbow scope mount and fasten the two Allen set screws. You are free to position the scope in the most comfortable position as eye relief is not a concern for this optic.

Balance is not an issue either as the new TRUGLO unit weights a scant 4.1 ounces , as you assemble the unit onto your crossbow you will not notice any difference both in balance and weight.




The TRUGLO TG8350C4 is really is really an amazing unit, it is small and very compact and weights next to nothing. It really makes sense to use this scope on light crossbow setups in order to keep down weight for example when you have to walk a long distance to reach your hunting spot.

The unit assembles in seconds, just two screws to set, thanks to its integral weaver mount, then turn the unit on and start the tuning procedure

First off you need to know your arrow speed , using a dial you can select between four arrow speeds A,B,C,D that correspond to 300, 325, 350 and 400 FPS. As usual, there are two screws to regulate windage and elevation. The regulation screws have an audible click and one click corresponds to 1 inch at 100 yards. The regulation margin is 30 inches at 100 Yards

Each arrow speed selection corresponds to a different dot spacing to compensate for different arrow drop.

Dots cannot be individually adjusted.

The four dots (20,30,40 and 50 yards) are fixed in size (5MOA) but can be regulated in both color (red or green) and brightness in 5 steps for each color. Red and green dots provide different contrast in order to suit personal preferences and different target illumination conditions. The variation between high (5) and low (1) setting is enough to provide a visible dot in full sunlight while not being distracting in lower light conditions.

The 5 MOA size dot is “about just right” except at the longer distances (50yards) where it may just cover a little too much of the target, but at this point you can change reduce the brightness or switch to green color in order to have an apparently smaller dot.

The sight window is 34mm wide by 24mm high, and is wide enough for an ample field of view while being unobtrusive during transportation. The target side of the lens is coated to prevent unwanted reflexes that might spook your game.

The TRUGLO TG8350C4 is available in Black (the one we reviewed) and in APG Camo (TG8350C4) and it is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The black unit retails for $75  and the camo is about $15 more

The unit is sturdy and reliable as it withstood a few occasional incidental drops without a glitch and without losing its settings. We tested the Black version, the TRUGLO unit is also available in APG Camo, and the finish so far proved to be scratch resistant. During transportation you may slide on the lens the provided lens cover to protect the scope.




The new TRUGLO Trajectory compensating dual color red dot sight is really an amazing scope: it is small, compact and very functional, the dual color illumination is both an innovative feature and a useful one allowing you to set scope brightness according to your preferences and lighting conditions.

The ability of compensate for different arrow speeds will make the TRUGLO Scope an appealing choice for most of the crossbows on the market.




Manufacturer data:

  • Open redo dot sight
  • Dual Color dots
  • Trajectory compensating
  • Weight (oz) 4.1
  • Retail price US$75 (black)
  • Retail Price US$90 (APG Camo)


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