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TenPoint Stealth X2


Packaging (sling and optics not included)

Cable saver

Riser and foot stirrup screws



The TenPoint Stealth X2 crossbow comes unassembled and packaged in a heavy cardboard box (see picture)

In the package you will find the crossbow itself divided in two subassemblies (stock+rail and bow+riser)

the foot stirrup, manual, certificate of guarantee two cable savers a set of screws and two Allen wrenches. Everything you need but no extra, considering this is a top of the line crossbow I would have expected something more, a spare string for example.

TenPoint presently offers most of it crossbows in several configurations: plain crossbow, crossbow+cocking mechanism of your choice (ACUDraw or ACUDraw50) or complete package that includes everything to be ready for the field . Take a look at TenPoint website for updated kit content: http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/ .



Assembly is pretty straightforward, just slide the cable saver onto the cables slide it into the cable slot making sure the slotted side sits on top, align the riser with the barrel insert and tighten the main screw, just do not forget to use a little lubricant on the screw as both screw and mating counterpart came completely dry .

Insert the foot stirrup into the mounting holes and now use the tree provided grain bolts to secure in place the stirrup and the main screw

just make sure not to tighten the center grain too much as it works on the main screw directly , too much pressure will damage the screw itself (it is intended as to prevent unwanted unscrewing).

The Allen wrenches look really cheap but you will probably just use them once , I mean considering final price a better screw could have been a finesse , but it is ok anyway.

Add a couple of minutes to lubricate moving parts and rail, some waxing of string and cables and you should be done in less than 10 minutes.



Manufacturer data:

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Ten Point Stealth X2

Draw weight 185 Lbs

Trigger set at 2 1/2 pounds




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