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Romisen RC A4 Flashlight review

By Walter Valagussi  December 2009

New little, powerful Romisen RC A4

The RCA4 rubber tail switch

Powered by single CR123 Battery

The Orange peel reflector

Light beam aimed at 30 yards




If you ever moved into the woods at night you understand the value of a good flash light.

I recently had a chance to test the Romisen RC A4 flashlight and I have to admit I am impressed by this small wonder.

The Romisen RC A4 is a tiny flashlight, it uses in fact just one CR123 battery , not so easy to find as AA batteries but for sure much more powerful.

The battery power is put to good use trough a small reflector finished in “orange peel” that houses a CREE Q3 WC LED , this LED produces a very white and intense light, the manufacturer rates light emission at 150 Lumens, effective light output through the lens is surely much less but , if you are used to a 2XAA flashlight, you will be astonished by the amount of light of this little one throws out.

It is sure enough to illuminate the area down your treestand up to 30-40 yards away. Of course high power and small battery means that the light will not last long : at full power with a good , fresh battery you will not run longer than half hour. You can however decide to lengthen the battery life using low power mode. The low power mode, unfortunately, is not that less bright than full mode so you it is kind of useless in saving battery: low power is just around 40-50mA less than full power that draws 750mA.

You can switch lighting mode simply pressing the rubber click switch two times: 1st click = Full power, 2nd click Half Power, 3rd click SOS .  The third mode is does not actually modulate an SOS signal, it is a Strobo mode but sure enough it will get attention.

The light cone has a very bright spot with a darker flood cone, it is ideal as a spot light while keeping an eye onto surroundings. (see pictures)

The Romisen RC A4 flashlight has a tactical look complete with spikes on the bezel that seems to be a hot trend in flashlight today, on such a small flashlight it is almost useless but will appeal to the tactically inclined shooters and hunters.

The RC  A4 is available in either Dark Olive or deep Black anodization. The finish is very good and every piece looks very well machined and finished. The additional clip can be helpful to secure the flashlight into your pockets or backpack.

Considered the price (less than US$ 15 including shipping) it is a bargain , I would recommend this to everyone as a backup flashlight or as a carry everywhere item, mine in fact usually sits in my jacket’s pocket. If you carry it as a hunting light I recommend to carry a spare battery, maybe a good set of rechargeable ones: if you use it often it will soon pay out.



Manufacturer's data:


Model: RC A4

Three mode flashlight

Requires CR123 Battery

approx 30 minutes running time on High mode

Can be found on online shops at under US$15


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