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NuFletch Spectrum X

By  Mirko  Valagussi April 2010

Ever been frustrated by pass trough?

The NuFletch Spectrum X for crossbows

System components

As easy as 1...2...3...

Completed arrow




I think most of us at some point had the frustration of an arrow passing trough our target.More often than not it happens as you are testing new and expensive arrows....

What do you do then? first you try to stretch out the wrinkes in the vanes (mission impossible) then you try to use the arrow as if nothing happened ... but it does not fly well. Then you finally decide that you should do something: either replace the vanes (if you have the equipment and some skills) or you drive down to your pro-shop and have them do the work.

January 2010 : NuFletch introduces the Spectrum X. Now you have a different choice .

Ok but ... what's this Spectum X? As you see it it makes you wonder why no one ever thought of this before. Basically the NuFletch Spectrum X is the replacement back end of a normal arrow that incorporates the ability to field replace your damaged vanes in seconds.

How does it work? You have to take your favorite arrow shaft , cut it shorter by 3.5 inches and fit standard inserts on both ends. One will sport the broadhead (or field point) and the other will use the Spectrum X. The Spectrum X is made by two aluminum sections , the longer one has three radial machined slots that house the vanes , as they are seated in place the second section is screwed on and keeps the vanes securely in place. the back section also features a crossbow moon nock. the back section, also made in aluminum, is a standard 22/64" in diameter so you can rest assured your trigger, safety and anti dry fire all work correctly as you were using a conventional arrow.

At present the Spectrum X is available with moon nock only (my guess is that a flat version and/or illuminated variation will be out soon).

The Spectrum X is designed to house the Norway industries 2.1" Fusion Vanes. Since the Spectrum X holds the vane closer to the axis of the arrow this also solves the problem that the high profile of the Fusion Vanes touches (on some crossbows) the flight rail throat.

OK so far technical data but... how does it work? that is so simple it is embarassing ... the ad is true I can really change the vanes in few seconds... just unscrew the back end , slip out the damaged vane, slide in a new one , screw on the back end and you are done... no tools, no special skills required.

In a few seconds you can field replace your vanes in cas they bcome damaged or you simply want to experiment with a different setup.
This Spectrum X really allows you to change vanes as you like, no glue, no rig, no skills required.

Another advantage of replaceable vanes is that you can change color scheme as you like and , to some extent , test different setups in seconds. The pectrum X is designed to seat Fusion Vanes. I had no problem to install Blazer Vanes and NAP Quickspins as well.

These latter are a little short for the slot but if you align them correctly (make sure they are all touching the back section)they will fly correctly.
The Spectrum X is currently priced at US $ 42.99 for a package of three complete pieces (front section with 3 vanes already installed and back section with moon nocks) .

It may seem quite some money but: it's all machined and anodized solid aluminum. consider also that you no longer need to driveto your pro-shop to replace vanes ...

Las note: weight! As you are replacing 3.5 inches of carbon arrow (at 11-12 grains per inch) with 100 grains of Spectrum X (weight including nock, without vanes) your arrow balance will shift toward the rear , in order to compensate you will need to use brass inserts at the front, heavier points or point collars depending on your favorite setup and desired FOC.


The NuFletch Spectrum X is a smart concept, a well built, qualty product well worth the money.


Manufacturer data:


Spectrum X

Quick replacement vane system

3 pack retails for US$ 42.99


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