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Mechanix Padded Palm Gloves review

By  Mirko  Valagussi   August 2009

The Mechanix Padded Palm Gloves

Ready for the shooting session?

Details of the palm  contoured padding

Mesh back for comfort fit

Plain view of the palm



Mechanix Wear is a worldwide recognized brand for duty gloves.

Among the large Mechanix product line( they have gloves for any specific tasks) we chose the Padded Palm glove because of its design, features and price.



What is it?


 As the name implies the Padded Palm is a glove, part of the Hardware series, that offers moderate palm padding and integrated ribbing providing an extra degree of protection against abrasion and impact.

Though not specifically designed as a shooting or a hunting glove we found that its characteristics may fit well in both tasks while the price seems “just right”

The glove is constructed with a mesh padded back and wrist for optimal protection and flexibility. Spandex and Tricot lining provide some extra comfort. The palm features contoured dual thickness inserts and an anatomically shaped area enhanced with Clarino Dura-Fit synthetic leather.



After some break in period (we used the glove while driving) the glove started to fit really well.

On the range the padded palm provided good insulation to crossbow vibrations for the hand supporting the front crossbow grip. The synthetic Leather palm also offers a very good grip with the right amount of friction on the crossbow body. You may just want some more sensibility on the finger trigger but most crossbows have trigger weight measured in pounds so it is just a matter of personal preference not a real necessity.

The black mesh on the back of the glove does fit well with your camo outfit , if you are obsessed with total camouflage you may remove the two stickers with the glove brand and name. The light gray palm during hunting will be wrapped around crossbow grips so this is not an issue. We have used the Mechanix padded palm gloves for some six months now and does not show any sign of wear , just the palm is becoming a little dirty but the glove is machine washable.




A very good general purpose glove that may be your choice for shooting and hunting in warm climates, lacks some specific shooting features but also lacks the high price tag.


Manufacturer data:

Mechanix Wear

Padded Palm gloves



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