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Excalibur LumiZone Vs Truglo TruBrite



Excalibur LumiZone






Truglo TruBrite scope




Recently TruGlo and Excalibur Crossbow both introduced illuminated reticle scopes for crossbows.

Both feature also adjustable reticles to compensate for different arrow speeds. Offering such exciting features we could not resist check them out !


Illuminated reticles scopes (that I am a fan of) are very useful in low light conditions when the reticle and the target do not posses enough relative contrast, and you cannot easily read the reticle markings, and your once in a lifetime shot is at risk.


Both scopes are respective manufacturer’s top of the line models, and have several commonalities

Let’s try to see which one is best!


Excalibur advertises its LumiZone as illuminated Adjustable Multiplex Crossbow Scope.

TruGlo advertises its product as 1.5-5x32 Illuminated Crossbow Scope, we find the latter a bit misleading as one would expect to have both trajectory compensation feature AND variable magnification.


Let’s clear some water here: both scopes use a simple system tying magnification to trajectory compensation. As  you move the trajectory compensation dial you are in fact changing magnification making the reticle spacing appear smaller thus adjusting for faster arrow speeds.

Once you set the speed dial to match the speed of your crossbow you are done, at this point you should not change magnification, unless you change your setup (point or arrow) that changes the arrow speed , of course.


This system compared to a fixed reticle (that is perfect for only one particular speed) allows you to fine tune the scope to your crossbow setup (limb power-bolt weight combination) . It also allows you to use different weight bolts-heads combinations (that have different speeds) on the same crossbow and still use the same scope, just need to turn the dial to match your new speed and you are done, no more hold over-low guesswork.

 Lastly there are crossbows like TenPoint’s SixPoint that can be set at different draw weights resulting in different speeds; here a trajectory compensation feature for different speeds is more than welcome.



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