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 Leupold RX1000 TBR Rangefinder

 August 2010


The new RX1000 TBR

Easy to handle

The rx1000 (right) compared to RX II

Women appreciate the compact dimensions

The front view



Last year we had a chance to test the spectacular Leupold RXII rangefinder (see here) and we found out it was a very good product, not just accurate but ergonomic, easy to use and loaded with features. This year Leupold decided to go one step further and they come out with an even more impressive product: entering the RX 1000 TBR rangefinder.


As a seasoned hunter you already know the value of a good rangefinder: measuring down the distances around your hunting spot (blind or threestand) you can drive your arrow with pinpoint precision as the moment of the truth arrives.


For newcomers we may add that crossbow arrows have a very noticeable parabolic trajectory so at 20 or 30 yards your arrow will drop significantly , a misjudge in distance of a few yards means a  drop of a few inches meaning you go from a clean kill to a wounded animal in a second. Believe me you need a rangefinder in you tool box!


The Leupold RX1000 TBR is a feature rich rangefinder, in the package you will find:

·         RX1000 TBR Rangefinder

·         Soft Nylon pouch with magnetic closure

·         Lanyard

·         Battery

·         Instruction Booklet

·         Quick reference card (to be carried with you in the pouch)

·         Warranty card

As usual the packaging spells quality as you open it: everything is packaged in its own bag , the first impression you get is that of a very solid product, well finished and well worth the money.


Usage is pretty straightforward, once you go through some reading of the manual you will be able to easily select the needed (wanted) features to show up in the display.


The terrific software loaded into the RX1000 is able to perform bullet or arrow drop calculations based on distance and shot angle compensating the distance automatically or giving you holdover values (for rifle shooters) for different calibers. There are so many features it would take a few pages to list them all. Personally I am not a treestand shooter so the very basic function I need is distance measurement. At this the TX1000 even exceeds the rated value. We have been able to repeatedly measure distances with ½ meter tolerance from tape measured spots out to 50m ( going farther does not have any meaning to archers) .


Using the unit is very easy and you can operate it with just one hand, all buttons are at finger’s reach. There are just two buttons on the unit: power is on the top (to be operated by index finger) and mode on the side(operated by thumb) .


The unit is also thinner  than the previous RXII making it easier to handle and operate by smaller frame hunters.

Leupold managed to improve on the optics also. The new RX1000 is visibly brighter thanks to a different system to project the reticle that eats up less light.


Latstly my favorite feature: the reticle is now illuminated! It may seem a small detail but if you are in the woods taking measurements in low light or your target is dark against a dark background being able to read the measurements clearly is a must and the RX1000 now delivers !


Finally some words on the price: US $399.99 (found online at time of writing) is aligned with the class, quality and features offered, consider that such a tool may last a lifetime!



Manufacturer data:

Leupold RX1000 TBR Rangefinder

Found online at US $399.99


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