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Leupold RXII Rangefinder Review


ergonomically shaped

One button operation

Reticle with function selection

True Ballistic Range


The product manual is a 38 pages booklet very well written and illustrated that you should read thoroughly before taking the product afield. Leupold also provides a Quick Reference Card to carry with the unit, should you need a quick refresh in the field. The manual is localized for the specific market, different languages are downloadable for free from Leupold’s web site.


The unit is very compact (4”x3”x1.5”) and light (6.8oz) and it is really easy to operate with one hand. You just need to set it up once selecting the correct parameters then it will remain set even if you take out the battery.


The Leupold RXII in fact comes loaded with many features thus you need to decide what you want measure; then it will operate on a point and click mode: just turn it on, aim your target and click, all parameters will show up in the reticle instantaneously.


The Leupold RX II has a set of features that makes it unique and very appealing to crossbow shooters: it sports in fact the ability to compensate for inclined shots incorporating a ballistic calculation program named True Ballistic Range that will give you both Line Of Sight distance and compensated distance.


When you shoot down from an elevated position and vice versa you need to compensate your shot. In fact gravity will only influence the horizontal distance from you to target. This calculation, apparently simple can be further complicated another factor: arrow speed.

The Leupold RXII can perform all the necessary calculations for you giving you the correct aim distance (no more hold over-under) in real time. The True Ballistic Range was developed by a team of engineers that originally wrote the Sierra Infinity Exterior Ballistic Program.


There are also other interesting features such as:

  • Digital inclinometer
  • Digital thermometer (°C or °F)
  • Ability to change scale: meters, yards, feet
  • Possibility to select aim reticle between 13 shapes
  • Ability to select bow speed range (less than 215, 215 to 250, more than 250)

(This latter being less important to crossbow shooters as most modern crossbow shoots at over 300.)


All of the functions are accessible trough a rotary menu simply by pushing the side MODE button and the top POWER button to confirm selection.



Manufacturer data:

Leupold RXII Laser rangefinder

6X magnification, 750 Yards accuracy

True Ballistic Range







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