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Leupold RXII Rangefinder Review



Elegant and stylish package

Package content

Another view of the RXII

Ever struggled with a lanyard? not here...


How far is it?

Ok I have to admit it, I have been lazy, I have not practiced enough and now I am struggling to estimate some reference points on the hunting range. I am repeating myself that once you learn how to judge distance you never forget … maybe. Now sitting on my favorite tree I am fighting with myself is that tree at 20 or 25 yards? … The tree may be bigger than I think, …perhaps it just appears closer… All of sudden I wonder if my negligence will put the shot at risk.

Not today! I reach for my pocket and here it comes: a brand new Leupold RX II rangefinder this technological marvel will help me take all the references I need downrange in a few seconds and with pinpoint accuracy.


I am sort of fan of arrow placed with surgical precision and for this reason I need to estimate distance precisely. No one is good at estimating distance, especially in unfamiliar terrain with odd, changing illumination. I also hate to spend hours measuring reference points around my hunting spot. These are the reasons why I deserved a rangefinder and, believe me, you deserve one too.


The Leupold RX II is a digital laser rangefinder that comes loaded with state of the art features.



The Leupold RX II is packaged in a heavy cardboard box that contains:

  • RXII Rangefinder unit , finished in Mossy Oak Obsession
  • Panasonic CR2 Lithium battery
  • Cordura camo carry case
  • Product registration card
  • Operating instructions booklet
  • RX quick reference card
  • Lanyard
  • Silica gel bag


The product shows its class right from the box: black satin with gold lettering, it is clearly a high end product, it gives you a feeling of “quality”.

Once you open the box the quality feeling continues but you will be amazed to attention to detail too:

the camo cordura case, for example, has both a belt loop and swiveling hook to attach it to you backpack, the flap closure has no noisy Velcro but uses an elastic loop with a retention hook.

Ever struggled to fit a lanyard into its seat ?  at Leupold probably someone did and found a simple solution : a tear away plastic leader that will help you doing the job in a couple of seconds.



Manufacturer data:

Leupold RXII Laser rangefinder

6X magnification, 750 Yards accuracy

True Ballistic Range




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