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Horton LegendXT 175


Legend XT175 from Horton's catalog



Our "real" LegendXT175






The Horton Legend XT 175 comes is a heavy cardboard box that contains the crossbow, unassembled in two main sections (riser+limbs and stock+rail), the foot stirrup, Allen wrench and screws , instruction manual, warranty and instructional video (VHS) . This crossbow was purchased as a “bow only” but it was available also in package configurations with different choice of red dot or magnified scope.





Assembly of the Legend XT175 is rather simple and straightforward: slide the cables in the cable slot on the barrel, position the spacer in front of the barrel,  slide the string over the barrel, align the riser with the spacer and barrel, press them together and lastly poison the foot stirrup and, using the front screw tie all of them together. Pain and simple , if you are familiar with crossbows a couple of minutes are more that enough to put it together, a little more if it is the first time you do that, just because you may want to pay a little extra attention while you set this up. In any case make sure to have read the manual thoroughly.







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