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 Hawke XB30 Crossbow Scope

By  Mirko  Valagussi August 2010


The new Hawke XB30 Package

Lens flip covers come standard

The speed adjustinag dial

Turrets are covered with screw caps

Hurrah! Torx screws !

Actual reticle image


The included mount makes it sit a little high


We already had a chance to met Hawke optics (here and here) and we were quite impressed from them. When we were shown some early designs at the ATA in January and a production sample at the IWA Show  in Germany laeter on, we really could not wait to test the new scope: the Hawke XB30.


The new Hawke XB30 is a very special scope: it is designed with a multiple illuminated reticle for distances of 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 Yards. The reticle can be illuminated in either green or red in 5 different intensity setting via a knob on the left side of the scope to suit different target lighting conditions.

In order to fit different crossbow shooting speeds the reticle spacing can be varied turning the large knob in the back portion of the scope. This action actually varies magnification of the scope.

The XB30 is not really a variable magnification: once set for a certain speed changing magnification screws up the zeroing.

The XB30 derives its name from the destination (XB= Crossbow) and the tube diameter (30=30mm) but fear not : you do not need hard to find metric rings as Hawke provides a mounting rail (fits standard weaver) with integral rings in the package.


While on packaging: the scope comes in a pretty much standard see trough blister package that gives most of the infos on the optic printed on it. Inside you will find the XB30 scope with rings already mounted, two flip lens caps, cleaning cloth, instruction booklet, warranty card and mounting screw.

A special note here, all set screws (4 on each ring and two on the mounting rail) are TORX.

Hurrah! Hawke is the first manufacturer using these high torque screws on crossbow scopes; these screws are more common on high end rifle scopes.

This spells quality and attention to detail! Hat off Hawke!


As we mentioned in previous Hawke scopes review the most precious tool with this scope does not come in the package: connecting to the Hawke web site you can download for free a terrific ballistic scope.

Why do I need that?

Well the setting of the scope speed to match your crossbow speed is a generic average value that is quite good BUT if you are looking for pinpoint precision especially at longer ranges the software will take into account actual arrow drop and give you the exact matching of distance/arrow drop.


If you zero your scope at 20 yards with a certain speed different arrow setups will have a different drop at 50 or 60 Yards (for example different vane angle created different drag) being able to input exact, actual data into the software you will understand that the 60 yard marking is actually 62 or 58 with your very specific setup. I strongly suggest that you get the software and give it a try!


The XB30 is built around a 30mm tube up to the front (there is no front bell, with larger kens) but the good lens treatment (fully coated), gives an image that is very bright with very good contrast. The scope is very sharp up to the edges and there is no color dominant, the image is simply amazingly clear. Also the reticle etching is impressive, very well done and really sharp. At the recent IWA Show in Germany I went trough many many scopes (some of them to be considered the best in the world such as Leupold, Zeiss, Swarowsky, Schmidt&Bender etc) and believe ma this Hawke scope is fits better in a rifle scope class than the crossbow scopes we used to know.


The finish seems to be well done, the dark black anodization did not wear or scratch during our test on both the scope body and mount. The turrets are protected via screw caps and have very nice and visible marking with one click= ½ MOA at 100 yards.



Other features of the XB30 Crossbow scope are:

·         Nitrogen filled to be water and fog proof.

·         Wide angle optical System

·         Locking fast focus ocular

·         Green or red reticle illumination

·         Range finding reticle

·         ½ MOA turrets

·         Easily adjustable to fit crossbow speeds from 210 to 360 FPS


Is the Hawke XB30 the perfect crossbow scope? Well it is bright, it is sharp, it is loaded with features , it comes at a very attractive price (considered the quality)but there are a couple of things that keep it from being perfect: it is rather big&heavy at the back (the speed selection is to blame but this is common to all adjustable speed scopes) and the included mount will make it sit a little higher than needed, you will need to adjust the cheek position on the stock to keep the correct line of sight. If you can live with these two things you can go out and shop for it!




Manufacturer data:

Hawke Optics XB30 Crossbow scope

Found online at US $249.00


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