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Hawke SR crossbow scope

By  Mirko Valagussi       September 2009


The new HAWKE SR scope on the
Barnett Revolution AVI

The SR illumination rheostat

Finger adjustable turrets and rubber eyepiece with dioptric adjustment

The front 32mm element

Lenses are sharp edge to edge

The SR reticle

Detail of the BRC Software in action


The Hawke MAP (camo) and SR (black)

along with the companion BRC software




We recently reviewed the first Hawke crossbow offering, the MAP scope (here) , it is now time to take a look at the MAP bigger brother: the Hawke SR crossbow scope.


The Hawke SR scope comes packaged in a blister box, just like the MAP. The package includes: Lens covers, Cleaning cloth and the scope itself. No rings are included in order to let you chose whatever suits you best.

I think this is good choice as some manufacturers unfortunately chose to include very low quality rings just to be able to advertise their product with "free rings included, a value of XXX$" . Trust me you will be happier with a good pair of rings even it means spending a few more bucks.

The scope is available in both non glare lack and in Realtree APG HD® camo, we reviewed the black version (the APG camo can be seen in the MAP review here )

Technical data:

The Hawke SR is compact scope, it measures 8.5 inches for 11oz. weight. The magnification is set at 3x with a front lens measuring 32 millimeters. The resulting exit pupil is an astonishing 10.6. Field of view is 50.2 feet at 100 yards. Eye relief is around 4 inches. The lenses are multi coated for optimal light transmission. Reticle is adjustable in both windage and elevation via two turrets that are easily operated with fingers (no tool required) and turrets can be reset. Each click corresponds to ½ MOA.


The scope is very well finished in a deep black non glare anodization, the impression is that it is a high end product. The turrets are protected with aluminum caps and sealed against dust an moisture via rubber gaskets. the reticle can be illuminated in 5 levels of green and red in order to suit the target illumination and provide optimal contrast. The rheostat controlling illumination is a bit hard but this will prevent accidental activation.

As with the MAP brother the SR is fitted with lenses of astonishing (for its price range) clarity and sharpness. The SR scope gives you an undistorted image sharp from edge to edge plus there are no color dominant: colors appear true and lifelike. The relatively low magnification (3X) coupled with a good diameter of the front lens element (32mm) results in a very large exit pupil (8) and this is a bonus for hunting in low light conditions.

 The Hawke SR scope features a black etched and rather complex reticle. The main feature of the SR reticles are: small hollow circles of decreasing diameter to represent a 2" killing zone at various distances plus a different thickness on the reticle marking may be used for range-finding (6 and 12 inches at various distances)

The horizontal main markings lines are set for 20,30,40,50 yards plus two markings on the stadia to indicate 10 and 60 yards. As the SR does not have any speed regulation you may now wonder how you can use this scope on your crossbow... simple: as with the Hawke MAP the best feature of this scope is not shipped in the box… you will need to go onto the Hawke web site (http://www.hawkeoptics.com) and download the Hawke BRC software.

The Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator is one of the most advanced ballistic programs for scope setup: you will need to input the data of your very own crossbow and accessories (Scope type, arrow speed, scope height, zeroed range and ED Value: either via POI drop or speed at given distance) and the software plots out the arrow trajectory with all the needed data a scope label they you can print out and stick to your scope Flip Up lens covers that will indicate clearly at what distance each marking corresponds (see picture) for the given setup. If you change something in your setup, for example arrow weight or vanes size resulting in different arrow drag, you just need to a few shots trough the chrony, input the new data into the software and print another label: quick, clean and simple

Since the software uses a method that takes into account (actual data) how the arrow decelerates it is accurate even with non standard setups (short-small vanes, large or extra drag vanes, different FOC setups etc)



The Hawke SR scope is as impressive as its MAP brother, adding the bonus of illuminated reticle. The Hawke SR is small light and compact, it is bright and sharp with a very good low light performance. This scope is really high end product offered at a bargain price: it is not uncommon to find online the SR scope in Black at under US$135 and the camo at under US$165.

We have seen optics with similar sharpness and clarity but at a much higher price point ...



Manufacturer data:

Hawke Optics

SR Crossbow Scope

Magnification 3X

Front lens diameter 32mm

Available in Camo or non glare Black


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