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HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial               by Mirko Valagussi Feruary 2013




The Optimizer Speed Dial mount atop Armcross LeoPro 



Package content (note 48 yardage tapes on top)



The Yardage dial (lockable)



Built from solid, machined, Aluminum



Attention to detail down to lenticular stickers 






 The new HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial: Super! But hey what is it? Let’s take some steps backwards…

Some 10 or more years ago crossbows were not as popular as today and, given the limited market they had, if you wanted to mount a scope or red dot onto your crossbows you had to borrow a scope designed for rifle(i.e. single crosshair). Nothing wrong with that but, as you needed to adjust for different yardagesmanufacturers invented adjustable scope mounts built into crossbows under the name of Dial-a-range, Adjust-a-range, etc. As the market grew and multi reticle scopes and dots become popular manufacturers happily removed those devices from their crossbows as they were complex (expensive) and comprised of many small parts : a pain in the assembly line.

What we are offered  today for shooting at multiple distances are scopes with multiple reticles and dots.

Those reticles often coupled with useful functions such as range finding and sometimes less useful such as tropy measuring.

Result is that you end up with rather cluttered target view, something that only a trained sniper may use efficiently in the heat and pressure (buck fever anyone?) of the hunt.

What if we just could use one single crosshair or a single dot? Wouldn’t that be super? Yes … but fixed crosshair+ fixed scope rail= fixed yardage right? Well here comes in the HHA Sport Optimizer Speed Dial.

The Speed Dial is the concept of adjustable scope rail brought to the next level.

As you take the Speed Dial out of the box you will immediately appreciate the quality: it looks essential (very few pieces) as it needs to be in order to reduce weight but everything is in place easy to reach, easy to operate , engineers at HHA Sport did their homework to study it:  it is ergonomically correct. Build quality well … that is outstanding: machined aluminum with a hard, deep anodized finish.

The Speed Dial comes in two variants: the L4-S0 that has a scope with center illuminated dot, that we used here, and the sister model 3030-S0 with simple (30/30) crosshair (no illumination).

I will not go into details of the scope, just describe the data, as it is made by Hawke : it is one of the best in the market. This model is exclusively built for HHA Sport , you will not find it on the market  (See other Hawke scopes reviews on our review page).

In order to use the speed dial you need to mount on your crossbow via the 7/8 inch dovetail and tighten the two 8-32 screws then we are ready for setup.

The setup procedure is rather simple but requires that you shoot 2 arrows at a KNOWN, MEASURED distance so be prepared to head to the field with a tape (better: do this at the shooting range). If you do not feel confident with the procedure ask for assistance, your local Archery pro shop can do this as a service: better spend a few dollars on this than having it set wrong. I tend to be technical so I like to dive into this procedures as I get a better understanding of how things work but I also understand those who tend to lean on the lazy side…

At the end of the procedure you will have the correct tape installed: you can now simply dial the yardage of the target and enjoy a clear, uncluttered scope view.

The Speed dial can be adjusted for yardages 20 to 80 yards in single yard increments, the provided tapes (no less than 48) cover a wide spectrum of crossbow speeds: from 260 to 410 FPS that means every crossbow in the market.  I do not, however, recommend shooting live targets past 40 yards for ethical considerations , also over that range the relatively small magnification of the scope (3x) starts to become a limiting factor.


As of today I found the following prices on internet:

Mount only:                                      US $189.95

Mount with standard scope:            US $279.95

Mount with Illuminated scope:        US $339.95


In summary

Simple, functional, well designed and 100% quality built in the USA, coupled with one of the best scope in the market: it is definitely something I can recommend.




Manufacturer data:

HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial

Model L4-SO


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