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Gerber Steadfast Review

by Mirko Valagussi


The new Gerber Steadfast

The knife and Cordura sheath


Very nice grip


The Gerber Steadfast unassembled


Do you remember the ’80?

You may remember as well two movies that came out in ’85: “Rambo first blood part 2” and “Commando” featuring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well those movies featured not just hyper sized muscles but also showcased famous blades: Stallone had a blade made by Jimmy Lile and Schwarzenegger had a custom Jack W. Crain edge.  In that era large “survival” blades become quite popular and, if you are a knife Fan, you probably remember the Gerber blades of those days: the large BMF, the elusive Predator and the smaller LMF. The BMF (Basic Multi Functional) was a large 8 inches blade, the Predator was a Cutlery Shoppe exclusive, even larger at 9”, and the LMF (Light Multi Functional) was a 6” blade.

Gerber quit production of both at the end of the ’80 and that was a shame because I loved the look and style of those knives. Some product manager should have read my mind as Gerber recently launched (reintroduced??)the new Steadfast. Ok, the name is different but this knife to me is the descendent of those old timers, as it came out I could not miss the opportunity to buy it.

The new Steadfast is a big knife featuring a 6” long blade (.220” thick) forged in AISI 440A steel, the grip is 4.75 inches long and is quite soft and fat, ideal for big hands. The knife is finished with a steel (cast) pommel and hand guard. The pommel is fixed directly on the blade via a M5 (metric) screw, this is called Full tang construction, it is very robust and the pommel can be used as a hammer. All steel components have the same non reflective matte finish (looks very good). The grip is one of the most comfortable I have ever tested: besides having two deep finger notches (correctly spaced) it is soft and textured to improve grip.

The Steadfast thanks to its impressive blade and metal components is also rather heavy at 6.3 ounces. The balance point is set just behind the front guard. The guard is not symmetric as the lower portion is longer to protect the index finger and the upper portion is shaped to accommodate your thumb finger should you need some more pressure.

The Gerber Steadfast is sold complete with a Cordura sheath that features a MOLLE attachment system on the back as well as a large belt loop, a convenient and a leg strap with quick release buckle is also provided. The black is lined with a plastic protective liner that keeps the sheath in shape and prevents the edge from damaging it.

Handling the Steadfast is real pleasure as the grip provides lot of comfort thanks to its design and insulating from vibrations, the balance is optimum. Thanks to its weight the Gerber Steadfast can be successfully used to cut small branches or light chopping. This knife is a good camp companion and thanks to its heavy blade it can tolerate some abuse.  The thickness may be a limitation when you need to slice food, I am sure you will prefer a thinner blade for that. Edge retention, considering the steel used (440A) is quite good.

The suggested retail is about US$64 but shopping wisely you may find it online at around $45 for me it was too hard to resist...

See the Gerber Steadfast picture gallery here:



Manufacturer's data:

Gerber Knives

Model:   Steadfast

Dimensions: 8"drop point blade, .220 thick

Weight: 6.3 ounces

Material: AISI 440A

Suggested retail US$64





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