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Fenix Light TK10 Flashlight Review


A flashlight shouldn't miss from your hunting toolbox

The new Fenix Light TK10 Flashlight **

The flashlight package

What's included in the package


Fenix Light TK10 Flashlight


A good flashlight is something that should never miss from your hunting bag. It is necessary as you need to reach your tree stand or hunting spot before dawn or as you return after sunset but is also an important emergency tool. Just like many of you I always relied on a very common compact two AA battery flashlight.

I always deferred the purchase of a more “professional” tool because of the investment necessary to purchase a serious tool (well above $100) .

Recently , however , I visited the IWA show in Nuremberg and I was introduced to a very interesting flashlight manufacturer:  Fenix Light. Fenix Light is a Chinese manufacturer that builds “tactical” LED flashlights. Beside the tactical look and features what really caught my attention was the extremely high lumen output. As I saw on their web site that a new model , named TK 10, was being launched I instantly decided to buy one. I could not imagine that was some of my best spent money…




The Fenix light TK 10 is shipped in a cardboard box that houses a thermoformed package with two trays, one for the flashlight and one for all the accessories. In fact the TK 10 (available in dark olive or Black) is sold with many accessories. It is shipped with a cigar grip ring installed that you may remove and exchange with a more “civil” flat ring; the cigar grip ring makes sense as the flashlight is clearly marketed toward a tactical use. In the package you can also find an orange replacement switch cap to replace the black one, a lanyard that can be attached to the drilled tail cap or cigar ring, a black cordura sheath with Velcro closure and double belt attachment, and a pocket clip that can be attached to the flashlight via two small Allen screws (wrench enclosed). The package also includes the warranty card and the use and maintenance manual.








** image courtesy of Fenix Light, used with permission


Manufacturer data:

Fenix Light TK 10 Flashlight

LED Flashlight , 225 Lumens , waterproof IPX8




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