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Excalibur Flemish String


The awesome Equinox and its new Flemish String

Use only with MAG TIP molded limb tips

Test arrows & Flemish string


The Flemish String


I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Excalibur Flemish string and, simply put I am amazed!

The Flemish string is an accessory that Excalibur crossbow offers as a replacement-upgrade for the standard Excel String (the one that comes with your Excalibur Crossbow).

The Flemish string is a little more expensive than the standard at $25 versus $20 MSRP, but it delivers a lot more.

First off is is much better looking:  two tone grey-black twisted string is the perfect accent for the classic looking Excalibur recurve. Then on the performance side it really delivers.

Thanks to its extra-low stretch fast flight construction the Excalibur Flemish String is more performing then the standard Excel Dacron string. How much faster? See the table below.


Arrow Arrow weight Point weight Total weight Excel String Flemish String

Easton Aluminum 2219

332 125 457 312 326

Excalibur Firebolt

285 100 385 328 343

CarbonExpress CX Crossbolt

341 125 466 309 322

Beman Thunderbolt

293 125 418 320 334


Weights in grains and speeds in feet per second

For this test we used the Excalibur Equinox crossbow (reviewed here)

The speed increase is considerable especially considering that it only needs a string replacement and the new faster string costs just $5 more than the standard.

You may have noted that we tested the Excalibur arrow with a 100 grains point. This is due to the fact that both the Excalibur Firebolt arrow and the 100 grains field point are part of the Accessory kit that Excalibur sells under the name “the right stuff” therefore this setup may be considered as the manufacturer recommended.

Note that the Flemish string is only available as an upgrade to Excalibur Crossbows with MagTip moulded limbs tip , using it on pre 2001 crossbows with carved tips may destroy you limbs and cause serious injury , If you are not sure contact the manufacturer o you local archery shop, remember that safety is always rule #1!

To replace the string we used “the stringer” an accessory specifically developed by Excalibur to field replace your string.

As an added bonus the Flemish string is also quieter, sound pressure, measured as usual 1 meter on the side is proved to be quieter than the standard string. Using Aluminum arrow (Easton 2219+125 grains field points) we measured 93-94 DB with the standard Excel String , with the faster Flemish string we measured 91.5-92 DB . It may not be a lot but, hey, it comes for free…



The Excalibur Flemish string is a must have accessory, not only it considerably upgrades the performance of your Excalibur crossbow but it also makes it quieter and better looking .




Manufacturer data:

Excalibur Crossbows

Flemish String

MSRP  U.S. $25


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