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Brons Red Laser


Professional packaging

All this stuff for less than $5 ??

Permanent and remote switches


Manufacturer:   Brons Co.

Model:             Red Laser


The wonders of internet: a few days ago I was looking to buy a laser pointer when I came across a really inexpensive one on Ebay. It was advertised from a seller in Hong Kong for a price that seemed too good to be true $5. The price for shipping was much higher that the item itself.

I was skeptical it would even ever arrive....

To my surprise it arrived for real.



The Brons laser is packaged in nice looking black cardboard box looks very professional.

Internally components are arranged in pre cut foam, neatly arranged and divided.


In the Package

For the asking price you get:


·                     Red laser main unit

·                     Panasonic CR123A Lithium Battery

·                     Tail cap with permanent on-off switch

·                     Tail cap with remote (3") pressure switch

·                     3 Allen screws (chromed)

·                     Support with XXXX (standard Weaver rail)

·                     Two mounting brackets for barrell mounting

·                     Package of silica gel



Laser body, tail caps and supports are all made of aluminum, finished in anodized black; so far the finish seems to be resistant to scratches.




Although most of the pieces are aluminum and the anodized finish is indeed good, you still can tell it is cheap unit.

For example windage and yardage are not clearly identified, there is no mark to indicate alignment of the unit on the support and threads for the battery cap-switch are left without de-burring. The remote activation cap can be screwed on easily, while the permanent on switch cap cannot be screwed on as some threads are damaged.

Also the laser dot that should be round is all but circular, looks rectangular and angled at 45 degrees




Brons Laser Co.

Red laser Model



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