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TeamBackwoods Bears in the Backwoods DVD Review


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Be prepared for some hot crossbow action

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Are you an avid hunter? Then you probably spent all of your free time in the last weeks checking equipment and finalizing the details of your next hunts.

You probably do not need any extra inspiration but, in order to satisfy your hunger for hunting knowledge, I may have something for you.

Last March at the ATA Show at the Excalibur’s I casually meet Jerry Niffenegger, marketing manager at TEAM Backwoods and he gave me a sample of their latest DVD: “Bears in the Backwoods”.


Team Backwoods is a small video production firm based in Lebanon, Ohio that focuses on Reality Hunting Videos . So far the company has produced just a few DVD titles but they are working relentlessly and the list is growing fast. They are also contributing their own feature “Huntin' the Backwoods” hosted in The Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, and Wild TV. Additionally they are now launching a new web site: Backwoods TV (http://www.backwoodstv.com/ ) where registered users can freely upload their hunting videos.


Bears in the Backwoods is a hunting DVD that focuses on Black Bear hunts, the action is located in Canada between Ontario , Quebec and Alberta and most of the hunts are done with crossbows (this is also the reason why we are reviewing this video here). Most of the hunts are performed by Team Backwoods members but there are also a few chapters featuring no less than Bill Troubridge and his wife Kath.

Every episode starts with a brief on the location and a description of the equipment used as well as the technique used. As anticipated most of the hunts are made using crossbows and, as you may guess, the featured crossbows are Excalibur.


All of the hunts are entertaining to watch and a few add some thrill such as when a bear started to …. well, do you really expect me to spoil the content?  I can’t. I can, however, point you to the Team Backwoods website where you can download a quick preview DVD in WMV format: http://www.teambackwoods.com/videos.php.


The video is over 90 minutes long and contains 14 hunts, in the extra section there are a couple of trailers for Team Backwoods other DVDs.

The quality of the audio and video is very good: the bit rate for video is around 6 MBPS and compression hardly noticeable using 4.3 GB of space on this single layer DVD. This DVD is not region coded meaning will be virtually playable worldwide.


The Bears in the Backwoods DVD can be purchased online at http://www.teambackwoods.net/videos.php and it is listed at US$ 9.95 plus shipping.



Just a few words: Fun, entertaining and inspiring.




All images in the left sidebar are copyrighted  and property of Team Backwoods, used with permission.



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Team Backwoods

Bears In The Backwoods

US $ 9.95


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