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Bears in the Backwoods II review

By Walter Valagussi  December 2009

New production from Team Backwoods

The action packed DVD with dual perspective footage

The upscaled image at 1920x1080 looks good

Our test setup with 50" FullHD Samsung plasma display connected via HDMI to Sony PS3 used as a DVD reader




As the hunting season draws to a close, days are shorter and we all tend to spend more time in our warm house and the snow covers the shooting range I like to spend some good time watching some hunting videos. Last year we reviewed the Bears in the Backwoods from Team Backwoods, this year it is time for chapter two.

If you are a bear fanatic this is one video that shouldn't miss from your collection: there are 14 action packed hunts chasing black bears.

The video was filmed in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan . Every hunt is introduced with some details on the location, hunting technique and equipment used.

Not all hunts are conducted with crossbows but If you are a crossbow fan you can satisfy your appetite.

As Team Backwoods has strong connections with Excalibur the crossbow featured are from this fine Canadian manufacturer.

This time we decided to push the video to heavy test so we set up a Sony Playstation 3 as a DVD player hooked to a Samsung 50" display via HDMI cable. The PS3 was set to upscale the video from DVD resolution (576p) all the way to 1920x1080p.

The DVD is not region coded meaning that it can be safely purchased by hunters worldwide being safe that it will play into their DVD players.

The video quality is indeed very good , as you can see from the screen shots, though not FullHD , the image is clear with no noticeable compression artifacts (noise, pixelation etc) meaning that it was filmed with good equipment and that a good job was done in postprocessing.

I am sorry I cannot tell you more without spoiling the DVD content but you can get onto:

http://www.teambackwoods.com/  to get a free preview of the video content.

The DVD can be purchased online for US$9.95+S&H ,that , indeed is a very attractive price.

While on the internet do not forget to check out http://www.backwoodstv.com/  : the internet video channel from Team Backwoods packed with action videos. On this website , upon registration, you will be able to upload and share your own hunting videos.


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