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Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow review

By Mirko & Walter Valagussi  October2009


New Barnett Wildcat C5 package

The Next g1 camo is outstanding



The Wildcat C5 is nice to handle thanks to reduced dimensions 





We have tested several Barnett crossbows, offering top of the line features , this time we decided to take a look at an entry level crossbow: the Barnett Wildcat C5. The Wildcat c5 is the entry ticket into the Barnett compound crossbows family, it is small and offers a moderate poundage (150 pounds) with a top arrow speed of 320 FPS. Let’s take a deeper look.





 The Wildcat C5 is offered in two variants : Camo and plain black, it is also offered in two different options, a package that offers quiver, arrows and your choice of RedDot or Multi reticle scope and a bare bow with Quiver and arrows. We tested the version for the Italian market, distributed by Adinolfi (http://www.adinolfi.com/) . The Italian version is a bare bow configuration without any quiver or arrows. This is precise choice by the distributor leaves to the customer the option to choose whatever accessory suits best its needs.


The Wildcat C5 (Italian bare bow configuration)  includes:


·         Wildcat C5 crossbow

·         Peep and pin (2) sight

·         Cable and rail Lubricant

·         Instruction booklet

·         Italian crossbow Do & Don’t  booklet (addendum by Italian  distributor Adinolfi)

·         Mounting hardware (Screws and hex wrenches)



Manufacturer's data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Model: Wildcat C5

Draw weight 150 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

Weight 5.9 pounds

Camo version with red dot or 4x32 scope quiver and four arrows US $ 324.99

(price as of today 20/10/2009 found on   http://www.crossbowwarehouse.com/ )






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