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Barnett Revolution AVi


The New Revolution AVi

Colorful Package

Everything you need neatly packaged

Ready to assemble





When we recently had a chance to field test a Barnett Revolution AVi crossbow we could not miss the occasion…




The Barnett Revolution AVi is one of the products that mark a milestone for Barnett. Barnett Outdoors has always been known as an innovator, in fact it holds a respectable number of patents and inventions, unfortunately good ideas are not enough to make a business successful and Barnett went through some difficult times. Those times are now over and people at Barnett are now concentrating on what they do best: design and build crossbows. Many legacy models have been redesigned and upgraded and a completely new crossbow is coming. Among the former there is the Barnett Revolution AVi. The Revolution AVi is built onto the “foundation” of the Revolution (non AVi) with a few updates and a brand new technology: let’s see how good it is.




The Barnett Revolution AVi comes packaged in a heavy cardboard box, not the classic plain brown box we are used to but a colorful variation with images on main sides that depicts the product. The intent is clear: Barnett wants to stand out from the rest even on shop shelves.
The box contains the crossbow divided in stock and riser+limbs assembly and accessories:

• 4 Easton C2 Arrows at 22” with high visibility fluorescent moon nocks
• 4 100 grains filed points
• Four arrows quiver
• Quiver attachment Kit (base and screws)
• Barnett 4x32 multi reticle scope
• Scope rings (2)
• Instruction manual
• Rail Lube
• Allen screw
• Replacement riser spacer



Manufacturer data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Revolution AVi

Draw weight 160 Lbs

Power Stroke 16"

KIT version  U.S. $469.99 (on Cabelas.com)




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