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Barnett Revolution AVi  (model year 2008 update)



The New Revolution AVi

Dual tray box with all the goods

New cam profile

New trigger pull and metal linkage




Last year we tested the Barnett Revolution AVi, a nice crossbow indeed that offered top speed at an affordable price. There were however a few points that were not so convincing, we reported our remarks back to Barnett and they went back to their engineering dept and a few months later the Revolution AVI Model Year 08 was out and we have now here for testing.

Does it solve the issues we found? Is it any better than its predecessor?

Let’s see.



During the test of the Revolution AVI Model Year 07 we reported that:

  • It did not reach the advertised arrow speed with the factory setup

  • The trigger is made of plastic


This year Revolution AVI sports a series of improvements that address the above:


The limbs sports a new coating and the cams have a new profile to boost arrow speed

The trigger has been redesigned with a metal trigger pull and linkage

The foot stirrup is now encases into vibration damping material with extra baffles to further cut vibrations and noise.


Let me start with the trigger:

If you compare the older and newer trigger you can really feel the difference, the newer one is really different and gives a much better sensation, it is crisper. Previously I had the sensation that the trigger pull was flexing under load that was something disturbing, now it’s gone, well done! The MY08 trigger pull is made of MIM (metal Injection Molding) but first samples out have a machined trigger that, to me, adds value.  Trigger run is still a bit long but this is also a matter of personal preference.


Manufacturer data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Revolution AVi  (model year 2008)

Draw weight 160 Lbs

Power Stroke 16"

KIT version  U.S. $469.99

(price on www.crossbowwharehouse.com)




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