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Barnett Quad AVi


The New QuadAVi

King of the woods ?

Crossbow package and content






The Barnett QuadAvi is the entry level model featuring AVi (anti Vibration Insulators) technology. The QuadAvi is the evolution of the Quad400, a classic and successful Barnett model. The distinctive characteristic of the Quad is the stock design that makes it stand out among the Barnett crossbow line. The massive but rather elegant design is something you either love or hate at first sight. This very personal design has a purpose: the large stock blade in fact conceals the optional the crack cocking mechanism.

At $394.99  for the package version and being able to propel arrow at close to 345 FPS the QuadAvi is a rocket launcher offered as real bargain… we wanted to find out more.





The QuadAVi is offered in two package versions: one with a red dot scope and another with 4x32, both offered at the same price. We reviewed the scope package.

Packaging is similar to other recent models: a colorful cardboard dual tray package houses:

·         4 Easton C2 Arrows at 22” with high visibility fluorescent    moon nocks

·         4 100 grains filed points

·         Four arrows quiver

·         Quiver attachment Kit (base and screws)

·         Barnett 4x32 multi reticle scope

·         Scope rings (2)

·         Instruction manual

·         Rail Lube

·         Allen screws

·         Replacement riser spacer

·         Peep and pin sight kit



Manufacturer data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Quad AVi

Draw weight 150 Lbs

Power Stroke 15.5"

KIT version  U.S. $394.99

(price on www.crossbowwharehouse.com)


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