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Barnett Predator AVi


The New Predator AVi

Dual tray box with all the goods

Ready to assemble

Quick detach quiver (twist & lock)





We started to hear about the new Barnett Predator at the IWA show back in March 2007 and , from then on, detail started to slowly emerge from various Internet sources. At the same time curiosity started to turn into excitement. The Barnett Predator in fact promised to be both the fastest Barnett ever and the most revolutionary.  Barnett crossbows also have always positioned into an affordable price point:  would the new Predator able to continue this tradition? How could it match revolutionary features with top of the line performance and a manageable price tag ?

The new Predator is the first crossbow to have a magnesium riser . Magnesium is very light material (lighter than aluminum) used for the first time on a crossbow. The Predator also introduces a new design for Barnett with short, heavy limbs that give this crossbow a very compact and muscular look. The riser also has a patented shoot trough foot stirrup that makes the stirrup an integral part of the crossbow design as well as a stressed structural element.

For your peace of mind the Magnesium riser is designed and modeled using state of the art computer software (CAD & CAE).

It is with great anticipation that we received one of the first commercial samples out of the factory.



The Barnett Predator AVI is packaged into a two compartments heavy cardboard box slipped into a colorful carton wrapper that summarizes many of the crossbow features with a few product pictures. It fits very well into the new Barnett marketing trend that tries to differentiate Barnett products also in the packaging.

As you open the package you find neatly arranged the stock with arrows and optic in the first layer and the riser with accessories in the lower tray.

Here is the complete list of included items:


·         4 Easton C2 Arrows 22” with half moon nocks

·         4 125 grains field points

·         Four arrows quiver (quick detachable)

·         Quiver attachment kit (base and screws)

·         Barnett red dot sight (depends on package you choose)

·         Instruction manual

·         Rail lube

·         Riser attachment screw, washer and adapter

·         Allen wrenches

·         Rope cocker



Manufacturer data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Predator AVi

Draw weight 175 Lbs

Power Stroke 17"

KIT version  U.S. $669.99

(price on www.crossbowwharehouse.com)




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