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Barnett Phantom Jr. , mini review of a mini crossbow

   March 25th 2009              

The kit contains all you need to get started (excluding target)

Just like dad, be prepared for hours of fun outdoors

The PantomJr compared to the regular size Quad AVi



 I have been trying to involve my son into crossbows for a while but I as most crossbows are too big and too heavy for him our attempt at shooting together ended up pretty soon with some frustration.

Until now! As we got one of the first Barnett Phantom Jr. to reach the European Union, we went out for a shooting session together: instant success!

Let’s proceed with some order. As you may be aware Barnett Outdoors has to line of products: one is the traditional crossbow line ( we tested a few models already) and then there is the youth archery line aimed at youngsters to introduce them to the sport. This latter is comprised of vertical bows and one crossbow : the Phantom Jr.

This product line is also found in department stores such as Wal Mart.

Let me spend a word of caution here: these products although look like toys to experienced archers, are in fact serious tools and should be handled with care, as you will see in the performance section, the Phantom Jr. crossbow is capable of some respectable arrow speeds so handle this with care and supervise the youngsters who use it.


The Phantom Jr. crossbow is sold in its transparent package that contains:

Phantom Jr. crossbow frame equipped with red dot sight

  • Set of camo stickers
  • Recurve bow (to be assembled)
  • String
  • String replacement false string
  • Set of 3 16” aluminum arrows
  • Set of 3 Field points (75 grains)

As you see the package included everything for getting you started, add a good target and you are ready to go.


The Phantom jr. does require some assembly. Booth the foot stirrup and bow must be positioned and fixed in place but it is really a matter of setting a screw, necessary wrenches are shipped with the kit add a marking on the bow identifies correct mounting position. The  red dot optic is already in place therefore it only need some adjustment of point of impact.

Stringing the bow is quite easy as a steel, looped false string is provided. Mount this onto the bow and cock the crossbow (at 60 pounds peak draw weight it is easy) . The safety is automatically engaged and you can now safely string your crossbow.

An optional, though recommended, step is to apply the camo stickers. Beside the crossbow looking better it represent a way to introduce your youngsters into their new crossbow, as everyone’s loves stickers this should be easy for you.

Note the bow is mounted inserting it into a slot in the crossbow frame, it is held in position by a metal plate with a set screw pressing onto this. A piece of rubber (provided) is inserted between the bow and the metal plate. We found however that during use the bow tends to slip because of vibration. The reaction would be to tighten the set screw a little more. We used a piece of rubber between the bow and the frame, it works better cutting vibrations even further and preventing the bow from scratching



Manufacturer data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Phantom Junior

Draw weight 60 Lbs

Power Stroke 10"

KIT version  U.S. $99.99

(price on www.cabelas.com)




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