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Burt Coyote Lumenok Review



Lumenok comes in 1pc or 3pcs package

30grains of electronics packaged into a nock

Compared to a standard nock




The Lumenok from Burt Coyote is a lighted nock that replaces your conventional arrow nock adding a high visibility colored LED that, when lit, will trace arrow flight. Lighted arrow nocks are very useful on hunting field as you will be able to see and find your arrow if you either miss your target (and are concerned about leaving a sharp broadhead in the field) or you hit your target but the game walks away with your arrow and you are hard pressed to retrieve it.

There are a few lighted nock products available on the market: the Tracer from Easton, the Firenock from Firenock Corp.  and the Lumenok from Burt Coyote, all of them share the same idea: place a battery and a LED into a transparent (or semi transparent) nock that will turn on when you shoot the arrow. Each company, however, developed its peculiar system to activate the LED in the nock. Lumenok uses string pressure to seat the nock against the arrow and close the electric circuit, via two tiny exposed contacts, that turn the LED on.

Documentation is written in plain English and it is clear and understandable however on Lumenok web site you will find lots of info, a series of well done videos that deal with installing and using your Lumenok and forum section where you can get in touch with other users and you can ask your questions, Eric Price (co owner of Burt Coyote) usually responds personally to all product questions.



The Lumenok is sold in a clamshell package that contains 1 single Lumenok or 3 Lumenok, that package also contains an instruction sheet with tree marked cutout areas that may serve as thickening material if the Lumenok fits too lose in your arrow shaft.

Currently Lumenok retails for about US$9.90 for the single nock package and 27.90 for the 3 nocks version (today quote on Basspro.com).

The Lumenok is available in different sizes to match the internal diameter of most arrows as there is no standard inside diameter for carbon arrow shafts, and two styles: flat and half moon.

Currently the Lumenok is available only with red LED and white translucent body. Lumenok in Flat End for 2219 crossbow arrows weight just under 30 Grains.



Manufacturer data:

Burt Coyote Company inc. Lumenok

LED Lighted Nock

2219 Flat End Crossbow Style





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