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Armccross LeoPro

By  Mirko & Waltrer Valagussi   July 2009


Armcross CEO Thomas Kahlhardt proudly presents the LeoPro

LeoPro in camo




Soft carry case and IGEL FIX Backpack



Sometimes living in a place where people come for vacations has its rewards. During a sunny July week the CEO of Armcross, Thomas Kahlhardt, came to Italy for a few days off on the Lago Maggiore, luckily for us he came bringing along a few LeoPro crossbow samples to show to its sales partners. We have been able to take him back to business for a day in order to be able to write this review: thanks Thomas!.

We got to know the LeoPro from several trade shows (ATA, IWA) and during our recent tour at the Armcross factory (report here). But until now we did not push it through our regular test procedure.

This crossbow is truly amazing as it blends design with revolutionary layout. Shocking as it may be because of its shape (the limb/riser setup is completely inverted) it is not until you handle that you realize how radically different it is. This is poised to become the new benchmark for all the rest. Bear with me and let’ see why.





The LeoPro is offered in just one configuration: full optional, nothing less. There are however three different optics you can chose among.
The package contains:

·         LeoPro 175 pounds crossbow

·         7/8 inch fixed dovetail scope mount

·         4 Arrow quiver

·         4 2219 Easton Crossbow Hunter arrows

·         4 field points

·        Your choice of: Red dot, 4x32 scope, illuminated reticle 4x32 scope

·         IGEL FIX Crossbow carry/hunting backpack

·         Deluxe soft (semi rigid) carry case

·         Rope cocking device

·         Filed press/string replacing tool

·         Spare string

·         Instruction Booklet

The price for this package is currently set at 1599€ (Euro) in Europe



Manufacturer data:


Leo Pro

Draw weight 175 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

 KIT version  Europe € 1599


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