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Aftershock Archery The Booster

By  Mirko  Valagussi   August 2009

The Booster Boo-25 and Boo-25xb

Can be used with field anb broadhead alike

Fits the standard AMO insert

Tight tolerances for optimum fit

Nice and durable anodized finish



Aftershock Archery introduces a small accessory that should not miss from your toolbox: The Booster


What is it?

It’ s an aluminum collar made from 7075 High Grade aluminum, anodized in green and machined to precise tolerances. It fits between your arrow point (either field or broadhead) and the insert, as it is threaded on both sides. It adds precisely 25 grains to your setup: on 6 samples we measured a deviation from nominal weight of +-0.1 grains.  The Booster is manufactured in two variations: Boo-25 and Boo25xb. The difference is that the XB is conical tapering from .315 to.350 and it is finished in lighter shade of green. The Boo-25xb is advertised as “crossbow specific” however there is nothing really specific to crossbows as most crossbows use a rather large 22/64” (.343”) arrow shafts and points thus the tapering is not really needed unless you want to use points smaller than the shaft diameter (???).


Who will need it?


Everyone who needs to increase its arrow weight in a quick and clean manner without going through the procedure of replacing inserts in order to give your arrows more “punch”. The Booster collar will also help moving the FOC balance forward. Another situation the Booster comes handy is when your field point weight does not match the broadhead weight: some manufacturers introduced crossbow specific broadhead in a heavy configuration (170 grains) but field points of this weight are not commonly found.



The booster is pretty straightforward to use, unscrew your point, screw in the Booster, and now screw the point into the Booster: done! Your arrow is now 25 grains heavier for some more “punch”.

As we tested the point concentricity is very good after adding this component (thanks to good machining tolerances).

 Aftershock Archery labels the Booster design as stackable but in this case let me we warn you to test your point for concentricity after piling up more than two collars as the manufacturing tolerances do not play on your favor.

The booster is found online at U.S. $  12.99  for a pack of 6  (price as of today August 21, 2009 on www.bowhunterssuperstore.com )



A very handy product: should not miss from your toolbox. We routinely use them in our tests to quickly change arrow weight setups.



Manufacturer data:

Aftershock Archery

The Booster

25 grains aluminum collar

Material 7075 T6 Aluminum

6 pack retails for US$ 12.99


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