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NEW Reader's Picture page


If you want to publish your picture into our upcoming Reader's Photos page feel free to send it to us.

Please read our terms & condition first!

By sending your picture you agree that the picture emailed will be published onto Crossbow-review.com and/or Crossbowchannel.com

You are the owner of the copyright of the image sent.

The image will be of good taste not to offend other's sensibility.

The image should not depict unlawful events (i.e. you shooting private properties etc)

The editorial staff maintains the right not to publish or to remove from its site images.

Both hunting and target shooting images are suitable for publication (also pics like  me and my crossbow , see the one on the side)

If send in hunting images please make sure that the images are tasteful (animals lying in a blood bath ARE NOT considered tasteful)

Remember that this is a public open site, images can be seen by everyone with an internet access....

You can send as many as you like, similar images will be sorted and possibly only the best will be used.

Optionally but recommended add a few lines to describe you, your crossbow and your setup. (see example beside)

In hunting pictures please add comments on game and location.

State clearly if you want your complete name added or hidden

sending your images implies that you read and approved the above.


  Example notes:

Name:             Mirko Valagussi
Location          Italy
Crossbow        Barnett Predator
Comment        Thought it just was a cool pic....
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