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With Help From The Triple Crown Outdoor® Turkey Nightmare™ Hunting Blind

Innovators at Triple Crown Outdoor® have developed a bowhunting blind that is marked for success. Even the keenest eyes in the forest are deceived by the new Triple Crown Outdoor Turkey Nightmare™ Hunting Blind, giving bowhunters the concealment they need while stalking wary game.

Created specifically for bowhunters, the Triple Crown Turkey Nightmare is engineered to be tough, versatile, and effective. Its umbrella-like structure easily mounts to your bow (similar to a stabilizer), and is ready when you are to open up to a generous 42” in diameter — allowing you to draw back your shot without giving away your position. And, this incredibly versatile blind not only provides full concealment from your prey, it conveniently doubles as a stabilizer — keeping your shot straight and accurate to bring down the most challenging game. Extremely portable, the Triple Crown Turkey Nightmare weighs in at a mere 8.9 ounces and folds down to a compact 10 inches for easy carrying as you trek through the woods with your gear.

The Triple Crown Turkey Nightmare is made with the most durable materials to withstand the harsh elements and demands of the field. Fiberglass tips allow for strong flexibility, while the steel frame tubing is built tough to keep up with even the most extreme hunters. And, users can vanish in a variety of surroundings with these available patterns: Lost Camo™, Realtree AP™ and Mossy Oak Break-up™.

For more information about Triple Crown Outdoor’s Turkey Nightmare Hunting Blind, or any of the company’s other revolutionary outdoor innovations, contact: Triple Crown Outdoor at: 16 East Main St., Glen Lyon, PA 18617 • Telephone: (570) 736-6256 • Or visit www.triplecrownoutdoor.com

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