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Scorpyd™ Crossbows, the industry leader in advanced crossbow technology, has introduced the all-new Scorpyd RDT-100™ Crossbow — a new design in crossbows engineered for increased power and superior performance in the field. Scorpyd Crossbow’s amazing patented Reverse Draw Technology (RDT) has quickly become a favorite of crossbow hunters for its ability to maximize the crossbow’s power stroke by reversing the riser and composite limbs, and placing the string at the leading edge — a revolutionary concept patented exclusively by Scorpyd Crossbows.

Scorpyd’s RDT-100  Crossbow boasts  a  record-breaking  20-inch   power stroke, allowing the crossbow  to  shoot an arrow  an  incredible  330  FPS  with   ease.  85 pounds of kinetic energy powers this technologically advanced crossbow while only requiring a mere 100 pounds of pull weight  to draw on the power  — resulting  in a super  easy  pull  to  generate  the  power and  bolt   speed to bring  down the most challenging game at long distances.

The Scorpyd RDT-100 crossbow delivers a significantly quieter shot than its competitors, thanks to its low draw weight, parallel limbs and Bowjax string stoppers, significantly reducing string slap and limb vibration. Plus, Scorpyd’s system has a premium patent-pending folding stock with a reliable magnetic closure, making it easy to re-cock even when sitting in a tree stand.

Other innovative features include an industry-leading 2.5” trigger pull, providing all of the safety features found in heavier triggers, with less than half the weight. The crossbow measures 37.5” in ready-to-fire position, and a mere 17.5” axle to axle when the stock is folded — making maneuvering in tight spaces such as a treestand or ground blind a breeze. Plus, for ultimate stealth when stalking game, the stock, forearm and limbs are camouflaged.

Serious crossbow hunters look for a combination of performance and safety features in a crossbow – and the Scorpyd RDT-100 exceeds expectations on both counts. It boasts an ergonomically designed safety forearm which helps prevent your thumb from entering the danger zone, a built-in bolt sensor that makes dry firing nearly impossible and an ambidextrous safety that’s easy for any user to reach.

For hunters setting their sights on taking a trophy or two, the Scorpyd RDT-100 crossbow will make it easy with its Weaver style scope rail, winner’s choice strings and cables, and industry’s first integrated quiver mount and string stoppers. A sling swivels standard allows users to conveniently hook any sling to their Scorpyd RDT-100 Crossbow and easily carry it with them into the field or back to camp.

For a crossbow that’s as durable as it is functional, Scorpyd Crossbows included a fully machined FAS-TRAC design with hard coat anodizing that won’t wear off.

For more information on the new Scorpyd RDT-100 Crossbow, contact Scorpyd at 3201 12th Ave., Coralville, IA 52241 • Telephone: (319) 331-4700 • Or visit www.scorpyd.com

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