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Life-Like Rinehart 3-D Moose Target™ Allows Bowhunters To Practice
Planting Their Best Shots Into The Monster Bull

For a shooting experience that can truly prepare you for the real thing, bowhunting enthusiasts can now practice taking down the most sought-after big game animal until the “moose” come home with Rinehart®’s durable and life-like Moose Target™. There’s no “bull” about this rugged target, as it can handle your best shot over and over into its vitals, lasting countless seasons of unstoppable practice.

As with all Rinehart 3-D targets, the signature Rinehart solid “self-healing foam” body takes hits — from field points to broadheads to expandables — and heals in seconds. The amazing self-healing foam also allows shooters to pull their arrows out with ease — allowing hours on end of continuous uninterrupted practice. Plus, this unique target also features the company’s patented locking inserts, which are a cost-effective way to further extend the life and enjoyment of the target by easily replacing its core outlined “vitals” area with a new core.

You’ll feel like you’re up against the real thing as this anatomically correct Rinehart Moose Target boasts a simulated weight of 1,000 pounds, stretches nearly 7 1/2-feet long and stands almost 7-feet tall. Its life-like features provide the ideal conditions for improving accuracy and gaining the confidence needed to hit the mark when a real bull moose comes within range — without the extreme danger of being charged! Although a big brute, this lightweight moose can be set up in a snap when it’s time for practice, and easily stored away when the season comes to a close. And, with extreme resistance to sun, heat and cold, this target stands ready for action all year long — rain or shine.

For more information about the Rinehart Moose Target or the complete line of 3D targets for bowhunters and competitive archers, contact Rinehart at 1029A South Jackson Street, Janesville, WI 53546 • Telephone: (608) 757-8153 • Or visit www.rinehart3D.com.


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