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The Ultimate Hunting Jacket for Women Packed with Unique Features

The industry leaders at Próis® Hunting Apparel have made a name for themselves creating high performance hunting gear expressly designed for female enthusiasts. With the introduction of the new Próis Pro Edition™ Jacket, that legacy of excellence continues with an incredible marriage of form and function to keep you warm, silent and prepared in the field.

The new Próis Pro Edition Jacket has it all — it’s crafted with a compressed, high performance fabric that stops wind cold, and shrugs off water like a duck. Plus, this ultra-soft, super-silent microfleece fabric will both keep you toasty and under the radar of the most cautious game.

It features an extra tricot lining for additional warmth, along with a comfortable three panel, removable hood. Stuck in a blind or treestand for long chilly hours? The unique design includes a clever scapular drop pocket specially designed to house activated warmers.

The Próis Pro Edition Jacket even has a spacious lumbar compartment to provide easy access for packing additional lightweight gear in the field. Other unique features include deep set hand pockets, tapered sleeve cuffs with thumb holes for added warmth and concealment, and arm pockets with whisper-quiet magnetic snaps.

This low profile jacket is perfect for layering and movement, and comes in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® in sizes from XS through XL — so it’s a perfect fit for any hunt and any hunter. Like all Próis gear, it’s proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

For more information about the Próis Pro Edition Jacket or any of Próis’ innovative line of serious, high performance hunting apparel for women, contact: Próis Hunting Apparel, 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230 · (970) 641-3355 · Or visit www.proishunting.com.

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