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Outdoor Warmer Pack Offers Hunters More Than 216 Hours Of Heated Action In The Field

True hunters know that a great deal of time spent in the field is waiting for their quarry to come into view. And, although waiting out your prey in a cold ground blind or tree-stand is all part of the hunt, if the early-morning chill takes the “pull” out of your trigger-finger, you can say “good-bye” to bagging that prized trophy.

That’s why the innovators at Heat Factory® are proud to introduce the first in their new series of Heat Factory Bonus Packs™, the all-new Heat Factory Outdoor Warmer Pack™ — ensuring that chilled fingers, toes and other body parts hunters depend on stay warm and at-the-ready. This convenient, pre-selected combination pack of 21 hand, body and toe warmers is the hunter’s ultimate weekend warmer pack, as it’s stuffed with a range of vital and versatile warmers that will keep hunters chill-free for more than 216 hours.

The Heat Factory Outdoor Warmer Pack will melt away any concerns about packing enough warmers for the duration of your hunt, as this innovative pouch is specifically designed and packaged to include the exact warmers needed to keep you warm from “hand-to-toe” all weekend long.

Each warmer included in this high-performance pack is designed to heat up a specific body part. Included are six pairs of air-activated Heat Factory Hand Warmers that will fit perfectly into any glove and keep frozen-stiff fingers warm and moving for up to ten hours. Plus, they can be easily thrown into any pant pocket in order to create a warm resting “oven” for your hands. Three large versatile Heat Factory Body Warmers will keep any body part thawed-out by generating a whopping twenty hours of heat each. Simply toss one into your sleeping bag back at camp, or slip one into a warmer-specified clothing pocket to keep your body heat up for hours on end. Rounding out this handy pack are three pairs of Heat Factory Toe Warmers, which are designed to successfully keep your tootsies frost-bite free for up to six hours each — even when strapped into heavy-duty hunting boots — as they are specifically constructed to work in closed, oxygen-deprived environments.

This full-weekend (two-three day) supply is conveniently packaged in an easy-to-carry pouch, making it a cinch to grab and toss into your hunting pack, car trunk or gear bag when packing for any hunt that may include an unexpected chill.

The Heat Factory Outdoor Warmer Pack is the first introduced in a series of innovative and convenient Bonus Warmer Packs that are ready to pack on the heat during any excursion. Hunting enthusiasts should keep their eyes peeled for future Heat Factory Bonus Warmer Packs, like the Heat Factory Hand Warmer Pack and the Hand & Body Warmer Pack — both providing convenient, grab-and-go solutions for hours on end of heated action.

To learn more about the Heat Factory Outdoor Warmer Pack, or any of the company’s other innovative new Bonus Packs designed to keep hunter’s hands, feet and other body parts warm in the field, contact Heat Factory at 2390 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081 • Telephone: (760) 734-5300 • Or visit www.heatfactory.com.

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