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Excalibur Crossbow inc. Has a new flagship model in its product lineup for 2007: The Equinox.



Equinox is built on the Exomax platform, meaning it inherited all the good features the Canadian manufacturer is famous for. Brand new is the ergonomically shaped stock that now features a thumbhole design that comes finished in Realtree AP camouflage applied via a process called Kolorfusion . The Equinox is rated at 225 Lb. with a power stroke of 16.5", the arrow speed with the optional 1989 Fast Flight Flemish string reaches 350 FPS.

The crossbow comes equipped with Excalibur’s Dissipator Bars Sound & Recoil Suppression System.



Excalibur also introduced the Vortex , a powered down version of the Equinox, that while keeping all the top level features, has a reduced draw weight of 200 pounds and Power Stroke of 15.5” but still generates an impressive 330 FPS.



Last in the new lineup comes the Apex , a model intended as an economical target crossbow for the informal shooter. The Apex conforms to IAU specs , has a 90 lb. draw weight and is rated at 90 pound draw weight .The Apex shares with the rest of the lineup the same accuracy, precision manufacturing ,excellent finishing and reliability Excalibur Crossbow Inc. made a name on.


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