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This IGBC-Certified Bear-Resistant Cooler Keeps Contents On Ice For Up To Eight Days!

Cold off the presses: Engel USA has introduced yet another advanced ice chest that surpasses the competition when it comes to the performance and durability needed on rigorous hunting and outdoor excursions. The new hunter-green Engel 35-quart Cooler is packed with field-ready features that will keep necessary provisions chilled and fresh for up to eight days.

An indispensable companion for virtually any hunter, this rugged cooler is engineered for unparalleled performance. The key is its full 2” of first-rate polyurethane insulation throughout the sides, top and bottom of the cooler, which allows it to uphold superior ice retention. Equipped with an airtight (freezer-style) lid gasket that creates a virtually leak-proof seal, this dry-ice compatible cooler has no problem trapping cold air inside, while keeping warm air and moisture out.

Measuring 25.38” L X 14.75” W X 14.75” H, the portable Engel 35-quart Green Cooler fits easily in a truck bed or on back of an ATV, while its non-skid rubber feet keep it from sliding around while you traverse uneven terrain. Its molded handgrips and heavy-duty rope handles make loading and unloading the cooler a breeze, while marine-grade recessed rubber draw latches and a rugged full-length hinge add to its unmatched durability. Plus, with a reinforced lid and a sturdy build, this green cooling machine can also double as a step to climb into the back of your pickup, or even a seat to use when gathered around the campfire (when used with industry standard cushions). And, when the trip has come to and end and you’re ready to empty the cooler, Engel’s unique “one-turn” drain plug system makes it easy to completely remove melt water.

Keeping food away from bears can be a real problem on long hunting trips. Fortunately, the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee certifies Engel’s 35-quart cooler as a “Bear-resistant” container, so you can protect your hunting provisions from curious paws when away from camp. Even a 1,000-pound grizzly bear can’t beat the rugged, high-impact ice box into submission — just add a padlock to the cooler’s dual corner locking holes to keep your provisions to yourself.

For more information about the new Engel 35-quart cooler, or to check out how Engel coolers stand up to the competition, visit them online at www.engel-usa.com. Or, contact the company directly at 1555 Jupiter Park Drive, Unit 5, Jupiter, FL 33458 • Telephone: (561) 743-7419.


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