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  The new Great Lakes crossbow


  Darton Archery has done its homework and it is almost ready to introduce the new lineup.

You may have noticed, in fact, that on their home page a new entry appeared "Preview Darton 2008" , the link leads to a slideshow that gives a glimpse of what's coming.

Among the lineup there is an interesting new crossbow.

Details are still scarce at the moment, we can tell from the picture that the new crossbow has an accessory similar to TenPoint's Steddy Eddy to help stabilize the crossbow; Also we can tell that the bow uses a system to stop the sting (and silence the crossbow) using two "pads" near the riser.

We just got to know that with a heavy arrow should shoot in excess of 350 FPS...

Details should be revealed in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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