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The new  Barnett Predator



!! UPDATE !!

Barnett is working on a new top of the line crossbow !


Although official sources at Barnett remain tihgt lipped we have been able to collect a few details and a picture :



                                     Barnett Predator 175 Lbs

                                     Power stroke: 17"

                                     Speed:  375 FPS





As we can note from the picture the stock seems to be inherited from the current Revolution AVI model while the riser, limbs and cams look brand new .

In particular the cams seems to have a more radical profile.

Given the current Revolution is rated at 345 fps we can expect the new monster to be even faster .


It will be likely to sport the new AVI Limb technology.

AVI is a technology that is supposed to kill vibration (and noise) by completely encasing the composite limb into the vibration dampening AVI material.


Will the new Barnett give Tenpoint's Phantom and Bowtech's Stryker a run for the money?

At present it is hard to tell , but we can' stand to check this one out .


We have no official release date but given Barnett is working on the new web site where they state: "Our All New web site is under construction , look for it in Summer 2007 " , we can safely assume the new crossbow is just a few months away...   It will be a HOT summer!


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