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Armcross, the crossbow manufacturer based in Moscow, Russia launched its new product for 2007 , the new LeoPro.

LeoPro features an unconventional design where the riser is attached to the stock just behind the trigger. This allowed the designers to concentrate mass very closely resulting in superior crossbow maneuverability and absence of recoil.

The LeoPro comes in a variety of color combinations to suit personal preferences.

The patented design features:

175 Lbs Draw weight

13" Power Stroke

Weight 8 Lbs

Arrow speed 305 FPS with 420 grains arrow

The crossbow measures a total lenght of 33.5"and a width of 16.3"


At the moment Armcross is working to set up a network of distributors and dealers, for additonal information you can contact them at the company web site:



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