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Resilient New Practice Target Sets The Standard For Industry Innovation

For more than ten years, archery and bowhunting enthusiasts have come to rely on the durability and performance of Rinehart products such as the Rinehart 18-1™ Target, and the company’s range of life-like animal 3-D targets for every shooter. It’s no surprise that Rinehart Targets® has continued to build upon this legacy with the introduction of its latest innovation for 2010 — the Rinehart RhinoBlock™ Target.

This incredibly versatile new target sports six unique sides to shoot at, ideal for every type of practice. Two sides of the cube display a textured, life-like 3-D deer target zone — one displaying outlined vital areas of a deer, and the other detailing an anatomically correct display of a deer’s organs. The other four faces of the target are comprised of Rinehart’s signature, highly visible target zones — allowing shooters to continue target practice even in low light conditions. Two of these sides consist of twelve smaller zones for consistent arrow shooting and placement, while the final two sides feature one large target zone for honing, surrounded by four smaller zones.

Unlike any other cube-shaped target on the market, with the Rinehart RhinoBlock, bowhunters no longer have to worry about shooting out their favorite target, as its core is easy to replace with Rinehart’s patented locking insert. But don’t expect to wear it out anytime soon — it’s made of Rinehart’s signature solid ‘self-healing’ foam, which allows it to take repeated shots from field points, broadheads or even expandables without losing its shape or integrity. And, removing arrows is a breeze — even a child can pull arrow after arrow out of this target with ease — without tearing or damaging the target.

Measuring in at 16x16x13, this target is so light and easy to carry, you’ll be able to take aim at the club, in the backyard, at camp or wherever you’re ready for some on-the-spot practice. And, because Rinehart never wants a little inclement weather to stand between bowhunters and their perfect shot, this rugged, weather-proof target is resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures.

For more information about the new Rinehart RhinoBlock Target — or Rinehart’s extensive line of premium quality targets for bowhunters and competitive archers — contact Rinehart at 1809 Beloit Avenue, Janesville, WI 53546 • Telephone: (608) 757-8153 • Or visit www.rinehart3D.com.


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