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Crossbow-Review.com Green Initiative


Crossbow-Review.com is aware of the consequences of CO2 emissions and it is very concerned about the climate changes.

For these reasons we adopted several measures in order to reduce electrical power consumption.


Our web site is hosted by STRATO AG in Germany.

STRATO is one of the European leaders in web hosting, offering unrivaled uptime and data security certified by ISO 27001.

STRATO data centers promote efficiency and, in the last 18 months reduced electricity consumption by 30%.

Strato is partner of "The Green Grid" global consortium ( http://www.thegreengrid.org/home )


Since 2008 STRATO uses for its data Centers electrical energy with zero CO2 emission supplied by NaturEnergie AG based in Baden-Wuttemberg.


As a furtner measure to help reduce CO2 emissions Crossbow-Review.com web site is created using low consumption PC based on Intel Atom/Nvidia ION platform.


Our new ACER Revo pc's consume less than 30W compared to the over 500W from the previously used ones based on the powerful but electricity hungry Intel Xeon processor.


I strongly suggest you that your next PC should be a low consumption model:

Most PCs sold today are overkill, if you just need to browse the Internet or reading E-mails an ATOM based PC is powerful enough and will help you save on the electricity bill. Next time you select a PC make a conscious decision for you and for the environment.


Mirko Valagussi





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