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IWA 2008 Report


David Barnett and the new Predator


The new camo "NEXT", very nice!


TNew lower scope rings, looks like they listened to our review!




We met David Barnett and Michael Houllis (President Barnett LLC) . The new , long awaited Barnett Predator  AVI , a top of the line model capable of shooting at 375 FPS is just weeks away from being on store shelves.  Barnett Outdoors underwent some significant business decisions that  needed some time to develop , therefore the launch of this new model had some delays.  As an example Barnett now has its own dipping line (where camo film  is applied to stocks) and can now control the process much closer whereas before this process was outsourced and involved moulding stocks , sending to 3rd party, have them dipped and then sent back home.  We also discussed new products but… we are not allowed to disclose… Good news is that they are working on something new. We also saw a new camo color (brown tone) named NEXT on the Revolution that looks very nice. We hope they will expand the use of this onto other models.



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